Helping Baby Sleep

Dear Sara,

I am a new Mom. My baby girl is two weeks old now. I decided to bottle feed her because I plan on going back to work. She is sleeping two to four hours at a time in the daytime but she seems to be up every two hours at night. I am planning on going back to work in a couple of weeks and my Mom will take care of her during the day. I can see that this will be very difficult if I can’t get any sleep. How can I get her to sleep at night?

Dear Jan,

It takes a while for a baby to adjust to some sort of schedule. It seems like this phase lasts a long time when you’re not getting any sleep. It’s OK to let her fuss for a while during the night as long as you know her diaper is dry and she was fed recently. She has been brought into a new world where she may not feel comfortable yet. I know that you are tired but don’t be tempted to prop her bottle. She needs to feel you close and hear your heart beat to feel safe. She will grow up very quickly. It shouldn’t be too much longer until she will be able to sleep at least four or five hours at night.

Good luck.

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