Grocery Store Troubles

Dear Sara,

I have two girls ages three and five. They are really acting out when I take them to the grocery store and I don’t always have someone to leave them with. They are begging for everything they see and pitching a fit when they don’t get it. I would like to take them to the store in peace. Any suggestions?
-Rose Ann

Dear Rose Ann,

If you have given in to their temper tantrums and bought them what they wanted, you have rewarded their bad behavior. Kids learn fast. Your first step might be to have a talk with them before grocery time and let them know what you expect from them. Let them know that if they behave, they can have one prize for a reward. If they have a temper tantrum there will be no reward and a 15 minute time out when you get home. If you waver from this even one time, they will continue to harass you because this has worked for them in the past.

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