Granddaughter’s Attachment Issues

Dear Sara,

I have an eighteen-month-old granddaughter whose parents work hectic hours. This baby has been left with a caregiver who she is not happy with. She is very insecure and demanding. Now the parents have brought another caregiver in. Would it not be in the best interests of the child to help her get over her insecurities to have her mother at home at least a year? When the parents come home this little girl will not let them put her down.

Dear Anne,

You are right in thinking that the best person to raise a child is their own parent. However, things are not the way they used to be back in the ’40s and ’50s. Women have found that they can be more independent if they bring in an income and families are far better off financially with two incomes. Also to consider is the fact that when a woman takes time off to raise a child she loses out because her skills become obsolete or less marketable. It also takes some adjustment to gear down from a work world, with interesting adults to talk to, to a Mommy with an eighteen-month-old baby to talk to.

Eighteen months is an age where kids are adjusting to the world around them. They are busy learning to walk and talk and figure out how things work. One of the things they learn is how to get attention. Kids will gradually adjust to parents’ work schedule. Your granddaughter could really benefit from spending time with you so give her as much time as you can. You are one of the people in the world who will love her as much as her parents will.