Finding The Right Pet

Dear Sara,

I have five year old twins who are pleading for a dog. Their friend has one and they think that it is wonderful. I have a job and between that and taking care of them and the house I have very little spare time. They insist they will take care of the dog but I know better. What kind of dog would be easiest to take care of?

Dear Trudi,

You are right. At the age your kids are, the responsibility will be yours. What you might want to do is insist that they help you until they are old enough to do the chores on their own.

Puppies are really cute but they are a lot of work. Until they are trained you will be cleaning up after them. Why don’t you try the local animal shelter. There are so many older dogs who need homes and they are vet checked, have their immunizations, judged healthy and have been neutered. You might want to look for a dog that is laid back and won’t be jumping on the kids all of the time. The twins might be able to walk a medium sized dog on a leash if he is not too active. I hope there will be one special one that will be perfect for your family.

Caring for a dog can teach a child responsibility. It will need to be fed, watered, walked and taken outside from time to time but a pet’s love and devotion will be remembered long after it is gone. He will be part of your family.

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