Financially Irresponsible Teen

Dear Sara,

My only child, a girl, is graduating from high school this year and has plans to go to college. She is very immature and has gotten herself in trouble several times. I let her use my credit card and she used it to the limit and came to me wondering why I refused to let her use it any more. She hasn’t any sense when it comes to finances. I’ve tried to explain things but she doesn’t seem to understand. She seems to have this carefree attitude that nothing bad will happen. How can I let her go off to college when I know she can’t take care of herself?

Dear Christine,

You have been your daughter’s protector for all of her life. Maybe she hasn’t learned yet that her actions may have consequences. I know that you are worried about her getting hurt but how will she learn to take care of herself if you are always there to make sure she doesn’t fail. She has to grow up sometime so allow her this opportunity. She may have some problems but give her the opportunity to figure things out on her own. You are used to her clinging to you so it may feel bad for you to let go. She needs her own wings for a while.

Good luck.

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