Fighting Twins

Dear Sara,

I’m a stay at home Mom and I have four year old twins. I try to entertain them by going to the park and keeping them busy with little arts and crafts projects. I can’t entertain them all the time but when I leave them to play together they usually get into a fight over something and not just arguing. They hit and push each other down and sometimes there are bruises.

They seem calmer when I put them in front of the TV but I hate to use this as a baby sitter. I want them to be able to play together. How can I get them to do that?

Dear Emily,

Your twins seem very competitive. Why don’t you observe them when they play and see what is going on. This may be the way they like to interact. You don’t seem to have a problem when you are there to supervise them so maybe this is something that they enjoy doing. If things get too rough you can separate them and put them in time out for a while.


  1. Awesome post.

  2. When I was young. and my sisters and I used to whine about being bored, mother told us only boring people get bored. Hating the idea we were boring, we almost always found something to interest us.

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