Feeling Ignored With A New Baby

Dear Sara,

My wife and I have been married ten years and have just had our first baby. We waited because we wanted to but a house and we both had to work to do this. We really looked forward to the baby and my wife is thrilled with our new son. She is so enamored with our baby that she totally ignores me. We don’t go out any more because she won’t leave the baby with a sitter. When I come home from work she goes immediately to the baby and picks him up and tells him how wonderful we think he is. I love our baby but this is really getting old. How can I get my wife back?

Dear Dylan,

Your wife’s behavior will eventually return to normal. She is really excited to have a new baby after all this time especially a son. I realize that you are used to having your wife to yourself and that you would like to have your attention on you again. This will take some time so try to be patient. Join her in her admiration for your baby and make this part of your routine. As your son grows your wife will return to normal. A son needs a father’s attention as well so be there for him. Let your wife know how you feel. Don’t just stand back and be alone.

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