Expecting Our First Child

Dear Sara,

We are expecting our first child in about six months. We are so excited and want to have everything perfect for our new baby. We are just starting out and have very little money to furnish our baby’s room. What are the most important things we need.

Dear Terri,

How exciting for you! I’m sure you want your baby to have everything perfect but what your baby needs most is your love and protection. Lots of families over the years have had to make do with the little bit they have.
The first month or so it’s nice to have a small crib in your room since a new baby needs lots of attention and seems to need it more in the middle of the night.

Try consignment stores, the Goodwill stores, or online. Sometimes friends and family will lend you a crib. You will need some shelves or a chest of drawers to have a place for baby’s clothes and diapers. A changing table is nice but if the crib will adjust to a high position this will work as well. When you are looking for a crib, maybe you will run across a used rocking chair. It’s nice to have a place to rock your baby when he or she is fussy.

Your friends and family may want to give you a shower. This is fun and you end up with some of the layette types of things that you will need. I know you want everything to be perfect but from the baby’s point of view, the most important things are lots of love, a full tummy, and a dry diaper.

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