Encouraging Kids To Go To College

Dear Sara,

I have three-month-old twins and a three-year-old. I decided to get married instead of going to college and I’m happy enough but I really would like to see my kids get a college education. What can I do to encourage them?

Dear Sadie,

The very most important thing you can do for your children is to encourage them to read. Read to them when they are infants and preschoolers. When they are old enough take them to the library and let them choose their own books. If the library has programs for children let them participate. A love of reading will last a lifetime. Even if your children read things you don’t consider worthwhile they are learning vocabulary and picking up pieces of information.
When they are old enough for school, get involved and get to know their teachers. If they are having problems you will be on top of it. It will be difficult but try to control the amount of time they spend on the TV and Internet. They will learn things there but they have to have more interests in their life than this. Guide them while you can. They will be more independent as they get older.


  1. I think a better thing to do, would be to go to college yourself, or at least take some classes online towards what you would like to learn. Then when your children are a little older, you can go back full time or just complete your education online. Teach by example. Just because you are a mother does not mean that you cannot continue to learn.

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