Double Date To Prom

Dear Sara,

My son is sixteen but doesn’t drive yet. His best friend has a license and they want to double date to the junior prom. This worries me because I have seen his friend when he smelled like alcohol and seemed really happy. I feel like my son would be in danger if this kid decided to drink and drive. How should I handle this situation? My son won’t be happy if I say no to their plans.

Dear Amanda,

If you haven’t talked to your son about your suspicions about his friend you need to do this first. You might consider helping your son get his own drivers license so he won’t be dependent on his friend for transportation. Sixteen-year-olds shouldn’t be drinking but they think they are already grown up. Your son may be upset but you can’t let him go out with a teen who may drink and drive.


  1. Dawn R Pence says:

    Maybe both families should pool money together and rent a limo for both couples. Everyone stays safe and there are no worries.

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