Does My Child Need Counseling?

Dear Sara,

I have an eight-year-old granddaughter who has been through a lot for her age. My question is, how do I deal with her being disrespectful, not only to her mother and me but to her teachers as well. She will not stay in her seat and stomps her feet and disrupts the entire class. She’s taking medication and the dose has been raised. All of her attitudes seem to occur in the mornings, afternoon she seems to behave in class. I think she needs a counselor. Thank you for your time.

Dear Cathy,

You are probably right that your granddaughter needs counseling but this is a decision that her parents need to make. When kids have problems in their lives that they don’t know how to handle, they often act out. They can be angry, disrespectful and hyperactive. Talk to her pediatrician or your local mental health facility to find someone qualified to work with children who have emotional problems and present this to your granddaughter’s parents. I know that this is difficult for you to see your granddaughter in such distress but her parents need to be the ones to make these choices. You can help her by giving her rewards for being good and taking away something that she likes if she is disrespectful to you.

Good luck.

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  1. this is a prime example of a child that has had no borders set by the parents. the child has in a sense raised her-self. she could use a good correction alignment ,swat across the butt, and the problem would be solved.

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