Docile four-month-old Baby

Dear Sara,

I am worried about my four-month-old baby girl. She doesn’t seem interested in interacting and isn’t as active as my five-year-old was at that age. She smiles from time to time and occasionally makes some sounds but she mostly sleeps and eats. I took her for a checkup and her pediatrician said that she is just an easy going baby. He’s right, she mostly cries when she is hungry or wet. Do you think she has some kind of problem?

Dear Janice,

At four months your daughter should be learning to sit and transfer an object from hand to hand. She should be straining to get up when you pull on her hands and reaching for your face to explore your facial features. Your five year old may have been more active and doing things sooner but both can be in the normal range.

You could try clapping your hands behind her back to see if she startles to make sure she is able to hear you. Dangle some bright and shiny things in front of her to see if she reaches out to make sure that she can see. You need to know that these things are developing well. Try to interact and engage her as much as possible and enlist your five-year-old to talk to her and play with her. Babies often like other kids. Also be sure to take her for her regular visits to her pediatrician.


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  2. Our first baby , a girl, never slept longer than 2 or 3 hours at a time, went on the potty before she could walk or had teeth, ate more and more often than most babies, was very tiny and thin, etc… Our second baby, a boy, slept 8 hours at time after nursing, was chubby , hardly ever cried , laughed a lot, etc.. Each baby was so different – as were our succeeding babies… and we were so thankful for their uniqueness !! Let your baby BE a baby — they grow up too quickly ! They all do things in their own time.

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