Little Boy Sitting In Front Of TV

Do Your Kids Watch Too Much TV?

Dear Sara,
I feel like my children are watching too much television but this has gone on so long that it seems like normal. I am sure they are learning some things but whether they are good or not is not really clear. The kids are certainly not getting any exercise and even though they are not overweight I can see that this isn’t good for them. I know that I need to get more involved but how?

Dear Helen,
TV has a lot of influence on kids. They are learning behavior, language and thought processes from television actors or celebrities. It’s OK to limit television time but there needs to be something to fill that time. Your kids will complain that other kids’ parents let their kids watch TV all the time. You have to stand firm but you also have to realize that kids need to have something interesting to do. You will need to spend some time helping them find things that will keep them happy and interested in things besides TV. Get them involved in things like sports, chess, cooking or playing games. You can explore what is available in your area. They need your help to overcome this reliance on TV for entertainment.

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