Dividing Time With The Car

Dear Sara,

I have two teenage daughters and they have school and social activities where they need to use the family car. There is constant bickering between them about who needs the car the most. I am tired of listening to this. Can you give me a solution as to how to divide car time between them?

Dear Richard,

Maybe the first thing to get across to your girls is that their use of the car is a privilege, not a right and depends on their cooperative behavior. If they can’t be cooperative then neither of them can use the car. Why don’t you try having a weekly calendar or chart that each can write down their activities or when they might need the car. This might make sharing fairer. There should also be some sharing of responsibility involved. They should be included when there are errands to be run or other chores involving the car like washing and cleaning out the interior.

Let them know that if their behavior or attitude is negative (teen girls are notorious for their attitude problems) that their car privilege can be taken from them. Don’t just threaten, do it!

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