Disapproving Of Daughter’s Boyfriend

Dear Sara,

We have an eighteen-year-old daughter who is a freshman in college. Her mother and I are professionals and have more than adequate income and a nice home. I think of my daughter as naive. She is dating a young man who I don’t feel is trustworthy. He’s not in college and apparently doesn’t plan to go and works at a fast food place. She has an allowance and most of the time pays for their dates. She has brought him to the house a few times and he doesn’t make eye contact very often. I don’t want her to date this guy but I don’t think she would follow my advice. Is there any way to stop this relationship?

Dear Mark,

When a woman loves a man, she sees only what she wants to see. If you told your daughter negative things about her young man she would not believe you and would be angry with you. You can’t give her your maturity or good sense so all you can do is wait and see what happens and be there for her if she needs you.

This young man may be intimidated by your home and money and is afraid of interacting with you. He may have a plan other than college to support himself. He apparently needs time to mature. Your instincts may be right but your daughter will have to figure that out for herself.


  1. Granny in Ga says:

    Find something fun and constructive for your daughter this summer that gets her out of town. Internship? Job? Camp counselor? Take her on a road trip or cruise? Get her around other guys who are more productive. You should have been planning ahead for summer and vacations.

  2. Granny in GA has some really good ideas
    for possibly changing the coarse on this relationship for the better. Being concerned
    for your daughter’s well -being is a big deal.

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