Disappointing Our Children

Dear Sara,

My son is twelve and has had the same friends through most of his grade school years. They were on the basketball team together. They are all talking about which high school they want and the other boys have decided on a private school nearby. My son wants to go there too but my husband has been very sick and our finances are very tight. I hate to disappoint my son but don’t know what else to do.

Dear Grace,

I’m sure your son is aware of the family financial problems so he probably won’t be too disappointed when he can’t go to the private school with his friends. Most high schools have basketball teams that he could try out for and he would be a part of that team. The other option might be to contact the private school and see if there are any scholarships available. You could explain the financial situation to them and see if they could help. If it doesn’t work out at least you tried. Sometimes kids don’t get the things they want but usually, they can adjust and make the best of it.

Good luck.

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