COVID-19 Virus

Dealing with COVID-19

We are fighting a battle with COVID-19, and our only weapon until now has been the mask. We have lost over 450,000 loved ones, and with people having Super Bowl parties, there will probably be a surge of reports of COVID-19 because people are tired of not having a social life. This is so normal.

We’ve had COVID-19 hanging over our heads for almost a year now. Our former leader refused to wear a mask, and after he got out of the hospital as a COVID-19 victim, he stood up like a war hero. Others, especially senior citizens, were not so fortunate. Their families still mourn them.

I thought the vaccine would end our fight with COVID-19, but this is slow coming as the vaccine seems to be limited for now. Our only weapons for now are hand sanitizers, wearing a mask, and staying home (which I equate with house arrest). So please, for now, wear your mask, wash your hands and limit your social interactions so we can get through this without losing our loved ones. Do what you have to do to keep yourself and your family safe for just a little longer.