/Daughters Brough Home A Dog

Daughters Brough Home A Dog

Dear Sara,

I have two daughters ages ten and twelve. They have brought home a stray dog and are totally enamored by her. She’s cute and friendly and has made herself at home here. I really don’t want a dog. I know there will be muddy foot prints and pee stains on my carpets and if the girls don’t take her out and feed her I will have to do this. Should I let them have this dog?

Dear Avery,

You admit that this little dog is cute and friendly so you must like her a little bit. It’s going to be difficult for the girls to give her up now that they have become attached to her so why don’t you give her a chance. There are some things to think about though. Is she a stray or lost from her owner? You might want to check around your neighborhood to see if anyone has lost a pet. Has she been neutered? If you keep her you certainly don’t want to deal with puppies as well. A trip to the vet is a good idea to make sure she is healthy and that she gets her shots and neutered if she needs it.

Let your girls know that they will be responsible for the care of their new friend. The responsibility will be good for them. You can let them know that if they don’t take care of their new pet she will have to go.