Daughter Won’t Eat

Dear Sara,

My daughter Chloe was born five weeks premature. She spent two weeks in the hospital before we could bring her home. She’s a petite two year old now and doesn’t want to eat solid foods. I worry about her constantly. I have been reluctant to take her bottle away because this is about all the nutrition she gets. What can I do to get her to eat more.

Dear Lori,

Please talk to your pediatrician about Chole’s small size. If he assures you that she is healthy and growing normally, you probably don’t have anything to worry about. It’s also possible that part of the problem is an immature digestive system and she just can’t digest solid foods very well. Also you may feel like her bottle is her only source of nutrition but it could be filling her up and she just isn’t hungry enough to eat solid food.

Try cutting back on the bottle and offer small amounts of baby food several times a day. Most kids will eat applesauce so try her on that. You could also let her sit at the table with you in her highchair and see if she is willing to try some small pieces of finger food. Maybe she will try that. Let her decide what she wants and pick the rest up off the floor.

Premature babies often take a while to catch up. By the time she is five or six years old, you will probably see Chloe approaching normal height and weight for her age. Keep your regular appointments with Chloe’s pediatrician and follow his advice. If he thinks she is doing well, don’t worry so much.

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