Daughter Just Started Dating

Dear Sara,

My fifteen-year-old daughter has just started dating. I was pregnant when I married her Dad and I worry about her having the same problem. I have tried to warn her against having sex before she marries but in this day and age I don’t know how much good it will do. How can I keep her safe from an unplanned pregnancy without giving her the go-ahead to have sex with everyone?

Dear Brittany,

Your daughter has three choices, abstinence, contraception or pregnancy. Abstinence is a good goal but rather unrealistic considering the sexual content of TV and the media in our culture. On the one hand, we can preach abstinence but on the other, the kids are learning about sex from everywhere. If there is no sex education in her school then it’s your job to prepare your daughter. She needs to know at least about condoms, the pill and the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, even if that’s not comfortable for you. It’s better to be prepared with condoms than unprepared to raise a child. Teens are not ready for the responsibility of raising a child. You are right to be concerned and protect your daughter. Make sure she has enough knowledge to protect herself.

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