Daughter Is Uninterested In Everything

Dear Sara,

I have a sixteen-year-old daughter who seems very uninterested in anything. She just lays around and watches TV or plays video games on the computer. She is barely passing in school. When I ask her what’s wrong she just says “nothing.” She’s snacking a lot and seems to be gaining weight. Her apathy is overwhelming to me. Is there any way I can help her?

Dear Megan,

The first thing you could do is to take her to a doctor and get her a physical. Her tiredness could be something like anemia. If she checks out physically then she could be depressed or on some kind of drug. When she gets her physical you could ask the doctor to check out these things.

If she didn’t have TV or video games how would she spend her time? If you set a limit on how much time she can spend with these things she might be motivated to do something positive. Are there interests that she used to have that she could go back to? She does seem to have symptoms of depression. If this continues you may need some professional help.

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