Christmas Tree Dangers

Dear Sara,

I am getting ready to put up a Christmas tree. I have a two year old who is very active and gets into everything. I want a tree but I don’t know how to keep him from destroying it or hurting himself. How can I have a tree and keep him safe?

Dear Gloria,

It’s really fun to see a child’s eyes light up at the sight of a Christmas tree but they want to touch everything and feel what they see. This is normal behavior for a two year old who is learning about the world. People have been trying to protect their toddlers from getting hurt by the tree for a long time. You could try putting the tree in a playpen so your two year old can’t get to it or having a small tree up on a table but it seems a shame to keep your child away from all of that fun.

If you want a traditional tree, you would want to make sure that it is secure so he can’t pull it over on himself. The bottom ornaments could be plastic so he could help you decorate. He will probably want to take them on and off a few times. Just be careful that none of the ornaments have small parts he could choke on.

Keep things simple so he won’t have too many things to get into. There are going to be lots of things going on like visiting relatives and parties where he could get over stimulated. His behavior might get out of hand. Try to keep him on a regular schedule and limit his sugar and junk food. Enjoy him. Two year olds grow up really fast.

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