Child Won’t Stop Misbehaving

Dear Sara,

I have a four year old son who I can hardly stand. I know this is a terrible thing to say but he does everything he can to make my life miserable. He has plugged up the toilet so it overflowed, he put cooking oil on the rug and has taken permanent markers to draw on the wall. He sasses me and runs around the house so I can’t punish him. I don’t feel like I can deal with his behavior much longer. I don’t have much of a support system so I am dealing with this on my own. I need help but where can I turn?

Dear Stephanie,

Maybe the first thing to do is to have your son evaluated by a child psychologist to see if his behavior is different from what you might expect from a normal four-year-old. If he has problems then you will need some expert help. If he is hyperactive or has Attention Deficit Disorder then he may need to be on medication.

It may be that he has found ways to get your attention and this is what he wants and needs. He may feel your lack of caring about him and is acting out to get your attention. Why don’t you try giving him some positive attention by reading to him or playing some game that he likes?

If you feel like you might hurt him, please call Child Protective Services. It would be better ask for help now than get reported for hurting your son.


  1. Hello Stephanie, I am a Mother too. It seems to e that this child is trying to get your attention. very child needs to be a part of this home. Do you play with him, talk with him, let him read to you or tell stories. This is a FOUR YEAR OLD Yu should be spending time with him. How old are you ?? Are you ready to be a Mom ?? I believe you and your child should seek COUNCELING , for BOTH sakes. I hate to know this child is so UNHAPPY for affection and is doing everything he can to try to get it I love children. I do hope I have helped.

    Mrs. Betty Knicley

  2. I keep a 3,4,and 6 year old he needs to go outside he sounds stir crazy and this can be very serious. He also needs to learn to entertain himself or find other children to play with.

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