Child Wants Plastic Surgery

Dear Sara,

My seventeen year old daughter wants to have breast reduction surgery. She has extremely large breasts and said that she is really uncomfortable. She said it’s like have to carry around two bowling balls all of the time and boys don’t look at her face only her breasts. She can’t find clothes that fit and in general she doesn’t like the way she looks. I am worried about her going to surgery for cosmetic reasons. She says insurance will pay for it. Do you think it’s OK for her to have this kind of surgery?

Dear Sandy,

Apparently breast reduction has more benefits than just cosmetic ones. Women who have large breasts have neck and back pain and can have headaches and herniated discs. Your daughter probably doesn’t get much exercise because it’s uncomfortable for her.

More importantly teens need to fit in with their peers. If they are extremely different like your daughter seems to be they are often outsiders. It’s difficult for them to have a normal social life and they end up with bad feelings about themselves and often are depressed. It sounds like it would be in your daughter’s best interest for her to have the breast reduction surgery. Talk it over with her doctor and give it some serious consideration.


  1. Sharon says:

    I absolutely support her decision! I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s been made the butt of cruel jokes, especially by silly boys. She will feel so much better, emotionally and physically if she gets this procedure done. All the best to her!!

  2. Cynthia Rice says:

    It really doesn’t matter silly boys and girls will always find something stupid to say about you one way or another,it’s about building her up so it doesn’t matter what they say,she should have the surgery for her self,so she feels good about herself,and for her health,ask the doctor how it will affect if she wants to breast feed her children later! Good luck God Bless! C.Rice

  3. How large is too large? When I was a teenager, I had difficulty finding clothes that fit, especially dresses. Most clothes for teenagers are made for flat-chested girls. I had to shop in the ladies department, not the teen/junior department. I took a 2 semester sewing class in high school and started making my own dress clothes. Thank you, Mrs. Chu! By the time I was 20, and buying clothes designed for adult women instead of for teenagers, it was much easier. Later, when my husband and I had 5-6 formal functions to attend every year, I had a GREAT time shopping for gowns!
    One tip I can give you is to be fitted for your bra. You feel much better when you wear the correct size. I was a 32D. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can wear a larger number and smaller cup size: it won’t fit, won’t be comfortable, and your clothes won’t look good.
    As a physician, I have referred many young women to plastic and reconstructive surgeons for breast reduction surgery, mostly for upper back and shoulder pain. For them, it was not a cosmetic procedure. Start with your family physician to see who he or she trusts to do this surgery.
    Best wishes for a happy and healthy life!

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