Cheating Husband

Dear Sara,

I was looking for an address on my husband’s computer and came upon information that completely surprised me. Apparently he is having a relationship with another person. We have three grade school children and although we haven’t been close for a while I assumed that we had a solid marriage. I don’t necessarily want a divorce for the sake of the children but I’m afraid if I confront my husband, this could be what he wants. I am also afraid if this gets out my kids will be hurt. I guess my main goal is to protect my kids. How can I do this?

Dear Jennifer,

It sounds like your marriage was a bit shaky even before you found out about your husband. Now that you know that he is interested in someone else it makes sense to talk to your husband about it. It will probably help to have some professional counseling. You need help in communicating so that each of you can understand how to make your marriage stronger. Your husband may feel the same way about protecting the children as you do but you won’t find out unless you talk to him. It’s important to do what’s best for the children but your feelings are important too.

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