Bringing Son Back Home From Foster Care

Dear Sara,

Hey there. I was raised in foster care. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. I’m a Mom of two of my own now and my boyfriend left last year. I have my youngest son living with me and my oldest is almost seven and in foster care. He has adjustment disorder and I find it sometimes hard to cope. I’m taking two parenting classes right now and I’m fighting to get him home. Are there any things I can do to cope with the stress of it all?

Dear Sophia,

I am so proud of you for taking parenting classes. This will benefit you and your son since you may not have had good role models in foster care. You do need ways to relieve stress so you can cope with things calmly. Your son will probably do better in an environment that is stress-free. It could help to have someone else to talk to and vent some of the things you are feeling. You could find a therapist to talk to but it could also help to have two or three friends to hang out and talk to who have kids too. Don’t make your sessions with your friends a pity pot. Take some time to laugh and joke with them as well.

Exercise is a good stress reliever. If you can’t afford a gym, walking is a great exercise. Your kids need to get out and away from the TV as well. See if you can get them out for a walk two or three times a week.

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