Birth Control Worries

Dear Sara,

My husband and I were raised to think that birth control is wrong. I now have five children under ten years old and I think I am losing my mind. My husband works and doesn’t feel like it’s his job to help with the kids so I have to do everything by myself. I don’t want any more kids. I love the ones I have but I feel overwhelmed. I can’t deal with another pregnancy. I don’t want my husband to touch me and he is angry. I am so tired and I just can’t handle another baby. What should I do?

Dear Madison,

I guess you have figured out that the rhythm method of birth control doesn’t always work. Maybe you should have a talk with your gynecologist. You have a choice here of doing without sex (and your husband is unhappy with this) or thinking about some other way of preventing pregnancy. You have to be sure that your beliefs will let you do something like this. Having your tubes tied is a one time option and you wouldn’t have to worry about pregnancy after that. There is also the option of an IUD or birth control pills. Your husband can’t have it both ways so the best you can do is let him know that he has to choose between having sex with you and one of these other options. It won’t be easy to go against your beliefs so give this really careful consideration. Your mental and physical health are important things to consider.


  1. Wow! I really feel for this poor woman! FIVE kids under ten? I’d be too tired for sex even if I did have birth control! Sara is right: the husband can NOT have it both ways. One of them needs to be ‘snipped’! Good luck!!

    • Deborah Ball says:

      The article stated her husband works and doesn’t feel like it is his job to help with the kids. He is an inconsiderate jerk. He helped bring the kids into this world. She should plan a week get away for herself and leave the kids with him. He will get a taste of how hard and time consuming it is managing that many children. It might make him change his mind about contraception.

  2. Veronica says:

    She should pray and ask the Lord for help. She also needs to speak candidly to her husband.

  3. Roxanne says:

    I think he should go under the knife. She endured 5 births and we know how painful that was.
    Get some balls and have him get clipped.

  4. Granny in Ga says:

    Talk to your Ob/gyn. Obviously by now you know him well. Ask him to prescribe a hysterectomy and DO ONE on you. By now you may need it anyway, after five kids. That will put a stop to more babies. Just do it now.

    • Dale McNamee says:

      But, that would lead to instant menopause, which is a whole other problem… My wife has been going through that for the past decade…

      Also, why should a healthy uterus be removed ?

      As for the husband… I don’t know if they belong to a church… Maybe she can have the pastor speak with him alone regarding “growing up” and bring a responsible man and father… Also, the pastor can counsel them as a couple…

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