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Am I Wrong to Want to Be Self-Sufficient?

Dear Sara,

I’ve been married for two years and have a new baby girl. My husband wants me to be a stay-at-home Mom and I agree with him. He has a great job so there is no need for me to work. He handles all the money and gives me what I need and then some. I feel insecure though because I know I can’t make it on my own if I didn’t have him to support me. Am I wrong to want to be self-sufficient?

Dear Annie,

It’s nice to have the luxury to be able to stay home with your baby and not be stressed out trying to care for a home and family and keep up with job responsibilities as well. A lot of women would envy you. However, being a stay-at-home Mom has its downsides as well. You don’t get to interact with people on a regular basis and staying home with kids can be stressful since they demand constant attention and there isn’t any break at times.

There seems to be more to this for you though. Are you worried that your husband might find someone else or that something might happen to him? It’s OK to want to be self-sufficient. You might want to try some college courses. This seems to be easy to do online now. You could try different areas to see what interests you. You don’t necessarily have to go to work if you do this but it will give you a base to build on if you do have to survive on your own.

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