5-Year-Old Intruder

Dear Sara,

I’m a stay at home Mom with two kids ages five and seven. There is a little boy age five who comes over to my house all of the time. He will stay as long as four or five hours. He watches TV and will help himself to food left on the table and feels free to use the bathroom. I know his Mom is at home but I seldom see her. I’m not comfortable with this but I don’t want to hurt the little guy. How should I handle it?


Dear Tracy,

Maybe the first thing to do would be to check out the Mom to see what’s going on there. Walk back home with your little visitor and get to know her. She may be staying up at night and sleeping during the day. If she is young, she may not have much experience with parenting.

If you think his home life is okay then he probably is just lonely and looking for companionship. Since you haven’t set any limits for him he probably thinks it’s okay to stay as long as he wants.  You might say “it’s time for you to go home now” after he’s been at your house for an hour or so. He sounds like a good little guy who likes your company. You may have made a friend for life.


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  1. There may be a bigger reason he does not want to be at home and he fells safe there seeing as how they want to keep kids out of school but if they ever get back there you my not see him so much you may be doing more for him then you know

  2. Be thankful he feels safe at your house, but I would make sure his mother knows where he is. Also perhaps meet her and see if she would ever reciprecate with a safe invironment for your kids if you ever needed quick coverage.

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