22 Year Old Son Doesn’t Have A Job

Dear Sara,

My son is twenty-two years old and doesn’t have a job. He graduated from high school at age eighteen and has worked off and on at various jobs but doesn’t seem to have any interest in any of them and soon quits. He likes to draw and made A’s in art in high school but doesn’t seem to be able to turn this into a job. He has a girlfriend who works and I think she gives him money from time to time. How can I get him to grow up and be responsible?


Dear J.J.

Your son seems to need some direction. He just seems to be wandering around. It might be worthwhile to find someone who does testing to see what kind of job he actually would be suited for and have him get training in that area. Let him know that he can’t live off of you indefinitely. It’s in his best interest to be on his own and independent.



  1. Bruce Kellar says:

    Had JJ been actively involved in causing the child to discover personal accomplishment none of this would be up for discussion. Living in your own aura seldom assists the child. No assignment of goals breeds sloviness.

  2. Introduce him to and armed forces recruiter.

  3. As a parent it is hard to tell a child you have to get a job and make your own way, yet that is more or less what my parents told me and my brothers and sisters when we graduated high school, it may seem harsh yet it was the best thing that could have happened, all of us worked and never depended on any one else for support, we all made it because our parents insured we had work ethics

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