18 Year Old Mother Needs Help

Dear Sara,

I’m eighteen and missed my prom because I was eight months pregnant. The baby is doing fine, it’s me that’s a mess. I have been staying at home and taking care of the baby. My Mom works so she isn’t any help. The baby’s father has gone away to college so it’s just me and the baby most of the time. I was planning on going to college and working to pay for it. Now all my plans are out the window so to speak. I love my baby. However, I am seriously thinking of giving her up for adoption, but that really hurts my heart. I need some advice on what to do.

Dear Kelly,

Nobody but you can really make this decision. It sounds like you are bonded with your baby so it would be really difficult for you to give her up.

Part of the problem is that you are so isolated. At your age you are used to having a social life and being with other people. A lot of young mothers have the same problem so check online to see if there is a group that you could join. You could take classes online if you are serious about your education.

Another option would be to put your baby in daycare and find a job. Without an education your job options will be limited but you would be out in the world and not as isolated as you are now.

If you decide that what you really want is to give your baby up for adoption, try to get some counseling for a while. You will need someone you can talk to as you go through this.

Good luck.

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