/10 Year Old Talks Too Much

10 Year Old Talks Too Much

Dear Sara,

My ten year old daughter talks constantly. She’s in my face and wants my attention all of the time. She even follows me around. I have tried giving her my attention and ignoring her but nothing seems to work. What can I do to get her to stop being so annoying?

Dear Susan,

Your daughter sounds like she really needs your attention right now. It’s possible that all of the things going on right now could be making her anxious. If there is nothing that you feel like she needs help with, you might try¬† giving her attention by doing things like reading or coloring together and then leaving her to finish on her own. You could help her draw pictures and then leave her to draw some to show you when she is finished. She may need friends her own age to play with. See if you can find a child her age that you can trade playdates with. Soon enough she will want to be on her own.