Dear Sara, my 16 year old son came home very drunk last night…

Dear Sara,

My 16 year old son came home last night very drunk, what I call sloshed. What is the appropriate punishment for this?

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Dear Sara, I’m divorced and my ex and I have both moved on into other relationships, however our oldest daughter is giving us problems…

Dear Sara,

I have been divorced for two years and my ex has already remarried. I have a live-in boyfriend and am raising my two daughters ages 8 and 13. My 13 year old daughter Melanie is the problem. She has terrible temper tantrums and doesn’t want to go to school. When things get too bad I send her to her father’s house. His new wife eventually gets tired of her and sends her back. What can I do to get her to quit acting like this?

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Dear Sara, my daughter is showing signs of puberty….

Dear Sara,

I have a 12 year old, Stephanie. She is showing signs of puberty and I would like to prepare her for this. How do I start?

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Dear Sara, my son might be racist…

Dear Sara,

I am a very concerned mother. My 12 year old boy is very racist towards white people. We are from Puerto Rico and I’m not a racist person. I’m not sure why he acts like that. In the past he has experienced problems with white people but even with that I don’t see why he should be racist.

I’m not sure how to help him anymore. I have tried talking to him numerous times but it doesn’t work. Whenever he doesn’t like food he is eating, he’ll say it’s white people’s food or if I cancel a trip that he was going on then he’ll blame white people. Please help. I don’t want my son to be racist toward anyone.

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Dear Sara, my brother in law doesn’t speak very kindly to his daughters…

Dear Sara,

My sister and her husband have three girls ages eight, ten and fourteen. Her husband teases and ridicules the girls unmercifully. He has told them they’re too tall calling them string bean and he’s made fun of their budding breasts. It’s always some form of comment that he thinks is funny but is negative. I cringe when I hear him do this. I hate to butt in but I feel I need to do something, but what? He thinks it’s all a big joke but he’s belittling these girls.

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Dear Sara, I’m concerned about my 14 year old getting addicted to video games…

Dear Sara,

My fourteen year old son Stephen plays video games in most of his free time. He is not doing as well in school as last year and doesn’t seem to have any friends. There was a segment on T.V that reported that kids could get addicted to video games. Is this possible?

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Dear Sara, my daughter got suspended because her boyfriend kissed her on the cheek…

Dear Sara,

My 16 year old daughter Kelly got in trouble at school because her boyfriend gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek in the lunch room. There is a no touching rule at school. They got suspended for a day and this will show up on their record. These are two really good kids who are honor students. I don’t think this was fair and I am very angry. What can I do to help my daughter?


Dear Peggy,

It sounds like you have a great daughter. She is doing well in school and hopefully off to college in a few years. Some kids are well behaved and don’t need a lot of rules. However, there are some kids who will push things to the limit. I’m sure the rules were put in place because some couples were observed with their tongues down each others throats. The same goes for other kinds of touching. There may be some kids who do a friendly high five but there are others who could be physically abusive with a punch on the arm. So the school had to put rules into effect to set limits on everyone equally.

I assume that Kelly and her boyfriend knew the rules. She is probably less upset than you are. She has learned a lesson that she shouldn’t break the rules. I’m sure that this is something that you have told her many times since she is generally compliant. Let her know how proud you are of her and that you love her but she needs to take the consequences for her actions.


Dear Sara, my 15 year old son doesn’t like the girl that keeps following him around…

Dear Sara,

My son is fifteen and a sophomore in high school. He is interested in sports and has friends that come over a couple of times a week and they shoot baskets in front of the garage and watch T.V. He doesn’t have much interest in girls yet. There is a girl in one of his classes in school who is very interested in him. She lives about 3 blocks away and walks by our house often. Sometimes she will come to the door and pretends to ask him about schoolwork. She also will sit across the street and watch the house. I don’t want to hurt her but my son wants her to stop doing this. What’s the best way to discourage her?

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Dear Sara, my 9 year old wants to wear clothes that is inappropriate for her age…

Dear Sara,

My nine year old daughter Glenna wants clothes that are totally inappropriate for her age. When we go to the store to shop there is very little to choose from that isn’t what I call tacky. It’s a constant battle to keep her covered. She wants to look like Hannah Montana or other teen idols. How can I get her to wear clothes that are decent.

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Dear Sara, my kids do not listen to me like they listen to their father…

Dear Sara,

I have two kids ages 3 and 4 who act completely different for me than they do for their Dad. For instance a perfect example of it will be nap time and if Dad is in the house, they don’t move a muscle, they don’t make a sound, but then seriously, the SECOND he walks out the door all hell breaks loose,literally. They will both sit right up and start talking, all of the sudden they have to potty and within a minute they are jumping from bed to bed screaming and laughing. And nothing I say or do will make them settle down. However, the instant that they hear him coming back into the house they will literally dive back into their beds without a peep, like they had been asleep the whole time. And that makes me so mad. Why can’t they behave for me like that? Two years this has been going on and it’s only getting worse.

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