Dear Sara, my husband and I aren’t sure how to discipline our kids…

Dear Sara,

My husband and I are having a “discussion” about how to raise our two preschool sons. He believes in spanking because he was raised that way and says that he respects and loves his parents. I was raised by parents who believed that spanking was abuse and used other consequences. How do you feel about corporal punishment?

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Dear Sara, my 12 year old is asking for allowance….

Dear Sara,

My 12 year old son Dallas has asked me to give him an allowance. I have 3 older kids and didn’t give them an allowance, so I haven’t had any experience with this. How much should I give him and should this include payment for chores that usually he is expecteed to do for free?

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Dear Sara, my son keeps waking up after his last bottle….

Dear Sara,

I have a six month old son Jacob. I have always held his bottle because I think it is an important part of bonding. He has been waking up after I put him to bed at night after his last bottle and crying to come out and be with us as we watch T.V. He seems ready to play and socialize some more. My husband thinks we should put him to bed with his bottle and this will put him to sleep and he will stay there until morning. What’s the right thing to do?

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Dear Sara, how do I stop my 14 year old daughter’s relationship from becoming a sexual one…

Dear Sara,

My daughter Hailey is 14. She is not allowed to date but she has a boyfriend. They share some classes at school and he comes over on the weekends to visit her. I am concerned because a friend of mine told me that the two of them were seen sharing a fairly passionate kiss. I don’t want this to progress to a sexual relationship. How do I stop this?

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Dear Sara, I’m a stay at home mom but my husband has begun to criticize me about this in front of my children….

Dear Sara,

I’ve been a stay at home Mom since my first baby was born ten years ago. My two boys are eight and ten and I have enjoyed being a full time Mom. My husband Brad has been really critical of me lately, calling me a “fat slob” and lazy. My boys are old enough to be aware of this disrespect and I worry about it as much for their sake as for mine. I could get a job but I feel I’m needed more at home. What should I do?

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Dear Sara, I’m a single mom with a lot of responsibilities, I need a break.

Dear Sara,

I am a single Mom with two kids ages four and six. I work and never seem to get a break. My ex might (or might not) take them for one Sunday a month. He is good about paying child support but can’t be bothered with our kids. I need to have a break from the responsibilities once in a while but babysitters are too expensive and my parents live in another state. I need to get out once in a while. How can I manage to do this?

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Dear Sara, my husband left and my kids are blaming me…

Dear Sara,

My husband of 10 years lost his job and decided that he didn’t want to be with his family any more and went back to Mexico to be with his family there. I have a pretty good job so I have been able to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads. The main problem is that my kids miss their Dad very much and blame me for his leaving. It was not my idea or my fault but they are acting out and are very disrespectful to me. What can I do to get things back to normal?

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Dear Sara, I am a lonely young widow with 2 children…..

Dear Sara,

I’ve been a widow for four years now. My husband Ron was killed in a hunting accident. My youngest son was three and my older son was four when he died. We still talk about their Dad. They are in school now and I have a job. I am lonely and have been asked out on dates several times. I hesitate accepting because I don’t want to upset my boys. I will be 29 soon and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life without a partner. What can I do to have a life of my own but still keep my boys safe and happy?

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Dear Sara, my 16 year old has been arrested for stealing a car…

Dear Sara,

My 16 year old son Keith has been arrested for stealing a car. Up until he was about 14 he was a good student and a pretty good kid at home. About that time he started hanging out with a group of boys who skipped school and stayed out all night. He has been very hard to control since then and I’m pretty sure he smokes pot. I feel like a terrible mother. I tried to raise him the right way but I feel like a failure. What can I do to help turn him around?

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Dear Sara, my kids watch TV instead of doing their chores….

Dear Sara,

I have two boys ages seven and nine and I have given them certain chores to do on a weekly basis. Most of the time the chores don’t get done since they slip off and watch T.V. I think that they should be responsible and do their chores without me nagging them. How can I get them to do this on their own?

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