Dear Sara, my kids want junk food…

Dear Sara,

My children are five and seven now and I want their eating habits to be good. I try to serve nutritious food but they want what I consider to be junk food. I don’t want them to be overweight kids. How can I control their craving for junk food.

Sandy [Read more...]

Dear Sara, my kid’s Christmas list gets more expensive every year….

Dear Sara,

Christmas has become so stressful for me. My children ages 11 and 13 want everything their friends have and their list gets more expensive every year. We are not wealthy and are trying to save for their college expenses. I hate going into debt to buy them things they don’t really need. How can I curb this?

Darla [Read more...]

Dear Sara, I want to put up a Christmas tree but I’m concerned for the safety of my two year old….

Dear Sara,

I am getting ready to put up a Christmas tree. I have a two year old who is very active and gets into everything. I want a tree but I don’t know how to keep him from destroying it or hurting himself. How can I have a tree and keep him safe?

Gloria [Read more...]

Dear Sara, I’m concerned for the safety of my younger brother’s children…

Dear Sara,

I am a stay at home Mom. I am the oldest daughter in a family of four children. My younger brother is married to a very immature girl and they have two children. I keep these two children ages one and three when their mother has an appointment or has to go somewhere. The three year old has bruises up and down his legs and the one year old has had bite marks from their dog. I know their Mom sleeps until noon every day. My dilemma is whether to report them to Child Protective Services or not. What should I do? Please don’t use my name.

Anon [Read more...]

Dear Sara, my 6 year old may be a little too aware of danger…

Hi Sara,

My wife is big on safety and crime avoidance. Sometimes I think this goes too far and can make kids too fearful. For example, when my six year old daughter sees a van, she is concerned that a “burglar” may try to grab her. My wife thinks that awareness is built over time and that this is an appropriate level of savvy. I am concerned that it may be too much for this age. I don’t want the kids to have a paranoid fearful world view. Thoughts? Thanks.

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Dear Sara, my 5 year old has become a terrible tattletale….

Dear Sara,

My five year old daughter Laci has become a terrible tattletale. We live in a neighborhood with lots of children and she tattles to me and to the other kids parents. The other kids are becoming wary of playing with her. I’ve told her to stop doing this but so far she keeps doing it. What can I do to make her stop?

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Dear Sara, my son seems to have a lot of homework but does not get it all done…

Dear Sara,

My son Terrence is in the 6th grade. He seems to have a lot of homework and fools around and doesn’t get it all done. He will get it done if I stand there and watch him but I don’t think this is a good idea. What can I do to get him to do his homework on his own?

Robert [Read more...]

Dear Sara, I’m thinking of giving my 2 month old a pacifier…

Dear Sara,

I have a new baby. She’s two months old now. Some people are telling me not to give her a pacifier but I think that it would help soothe her when she’s cranky. What do you think about pacifiers?

Faye [Read more...]

Dear Sara, My 15 year old is not fond of my new wife..

Dear Sara,

I was married for 15 years and have been divorced for two years. I recently remarried and love my new wife. The problem is that my 15 year old son Kevin hates her which makes his visits with me barely tolerable. Kevin either won’t talk to my new wife or makes rude comments. She has done nothing to deserve this. How should I handle this?

Rob [Read more...]

Dear Sara, My 6 year old daughter is interested in taking piano lessons…

Dear Sara,

My six year old daughter Justine wants to take piano lessons. I want this for her too, since I always wanted to take piano lessons when I was a child. We don’t have a lot of extra money and I hate to put out the money for a piano if she is going to lose interest in 6 months time. Should I let her try it?

Noel [Read more...]