Dear Sara, my daughter pouts when she sees me holding hands with my significant other…

Dear Sara,

I have been divorced for four years and have been dating a man for one year and we plan to get married. My six year old daughter seems to love him and has never said anything about not liking him or wanting him around, but she does pout if she sees us holding hands or hugging. She says “you are giving him all my loving.” I hug, kiss and tell her I love her all the time and try to make her feel like she is a priority, even more when he is around, but it upsets him when she makes these comments because he is not sure if this is a normal behavior or a real problem. Please help.

Amanda [Read more...]

Dear Sara, I got married for my baby but now I regret it…

Dear Sara,

I have a new baby and she’s beautiful. I got married because I was pregnant and I think I made a mistake. He’s a good man and I think he loves me and the baby but there is just no feeling on my part now. Should I stay with him for the baby’s sake?

Michelle [Read more...]

Dear Sara, my 14 and 16 year olds are too competitive with each other…

Dear Sara,

I have two sons ages 14 and 16. I can’t tell you how many arguments and fights I have had to referee. This rivalry has been going on since they were toddlers. They each want to best the other. They are both good at sports and are very competitive. How can I get them to get along?

Kerry [Read more...]

Dear Sara, my 16 year old daughter is too clingy…

Dear Sara,

I am the divorced mother of a 16 year old daughter, Ashley. She is driving me crazy because she is so clingy. She has friends but wants to hang out with me and gets angry and upset when I date. I have on occasion spent the night with my boy friend. I feel that she is old enough to be left alone and my parents live close by. I love my daughter but I want to have a social life too. What can I do to resolve my dilemma?


Dear Julia,

It sounds like Ashley may be pretty immature for her age. She really seems to need her mother right now. If you think about it she will be graduating from high school in a couple of years and will be off to college or getting a job. This is the time when she will be less likely to need you.

Is there something in her life that is making her insecure and needy? Is she hoping that you and her Dad will get back together? I don’t think that Ashley should be able to control your life but you may need to look at what other issues are involved.

If she gets lonely staying at home by herself, maybe she could visit friends or grandparents while you are out. If her father is still in the picture, you could see your boyfriend when she is visiting him.

Maybe Ashley just wants to spend more time with you. Have you thought about some activities that you could do together so that she could have some special mother daughter time? Most sixteen year olds are demanding independence so her behavior is somewhat unusual. If you can’t figure out what the underlying problem is, then you could try some family counseling to get some help.


Dear Sara, I have an extremely active three year old…

Dear Sara,

I have an extremely active three year old, Mark. I have to be constantly after him or he gets into something. He gets up before I do in the morning and will pull up a chair and help himself to the cereal. He wants to push every button and pull everything out of the drawers. I am exausted trying to keep up with him. What can I do to protect him.

Shannon [Read more...]

Dear Sara, my son’s teacher is saying that my son has a behavioral problem…

Dear Sara,

My youngest son Josh, age six, is having problems with his teacher at school. I don’t have any problem getting him to cooperate at home so I don’t understand what is going on. His teacher has called me to say that he is a behavior problem. I plan to have a meeting with her soon but I really can’t understand his behavior. What can I do to help the situation?

Annabelle [Read more...]

Dear Sara, how do I explain my gay friends lifestyle to my 9 year old,…

Dear Sara,

There is a gay couple in my circle of friends. I have a curious 9 year old who wants to know about their lifestyle. How do I explain things to him?

Linc [Read more...]

Dear Sara, I’m worried that my two children will grow up and have heart problems…

Dear Sara,

I have two children, a daughter Amy who is two and a son Alex who is four and a half. My family has a history of heart problems and my Dad died at 57 of a heart attack. I am really worried about my children. How can I protect my children from this fate?

Donna [Read more...]

Dear Sara, the family keeps getting sick…

Dear Sara,

It’s cold and flu season now and it feels like one of the family is sick all of the time. I have to work but I also need to take care of my family. What can I do to cut down on all the down time with sick kids?

Alisa [Read more...]

Dear Sara, my 12 year old wants to go babysit for other families…

Dear Sara,

My daughter Lydia is twelve years old and wants to babysit. She has a younger brother and sister (5 and 7) and sometimes watches them for a few hours. She thinks that she should be allowed to go to other people’s houses at night to babysit. I’m not so sure. How do I determine when she’s ready to babysit for other families?

Judy [Read more...]